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InnovationM Secure Webservice Integration Mobile Apps

Secure Web Service integration in Mobile Apps

Web services have gained lot of importance lately. From mobile apps perspective, native apps (Andorid, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.) or HTML5/JS Frameworks like Sencha Touch need to talk to the web services to get the data and push the data. How do we ensure that request sent to web services is from authenticated client? For Continue Reading »

InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 User Interface Changes

iOS 6 to iOS 7 – User Interface Changes

The brand new iOS 7 is about to release (18th Sep) and are some major User Interface changes. In fact,  Engineers at Apple completely re-did the user interface. The new UI is clean, simple yet amazingly efficient. The animations are subtle yet intuitive. The use of translucency gives user the sense of the context. New Continue Reading »

Innovationm Background Support For Applications iOS

Support for applications running in background in iOS

When application in iOS goes in background (Say, Home button is pressed) then application will not run. In iOS, only specific application types are allowed to run in the background. Let us see them in more detail. Application Types Support for Background in iOS There are 7 types of such applications. See the details below:   Continue Reading »

Android UX – Navigation Pattern – Home Screen Navigation

Slider Drawer Pattern In this pattern, small handle or hook is provided on the screen to let the user open. User uses the handle to open a screen. This screen here is the Home Screen that carries navigations points to other places / functionalities in the app. Example – In the screens above, there is a Continue Reading »

Android UX – Data selection pattern – Choose Data from a List

Sliding Effect (Parent partially visible) In this example, operator has to be selected. User taps on the field and the screen moves  / slides to the left to give space to show the list.      Good points: – Parent screen is visible. Very good from UX perspective that user still knows the context where it Continue Reading »

InnovationM Testing Facebook Integration

Testing – Facebook Integration in iOS and Android

Testing – Facebook integration of the app – requires different combinations of situations and cases to be tested. Ex Login to Application using Facebook when Facebook app is installed on the device. In another case, Facebook app is not installed. Let us go through some of them …. iOS – Login Test Scenarios  1. User Continue Reading »