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Design Heights Logo

Design Heights – a Design Innovation Framework – from InnovationM

  InnovationM is pleased to formalize its’ UX/UI process / framework called “Design Heights” – A Design Innovation Framework from InnovationM. Design Heights is a repository of mobile & web design patterns. InnovationM has collated these patterns over the last 14 months or so based on experience of designing mobile solutions for our clients, internal Continue Reading »

InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 User Interface Changes

iOS 6 to iOS 7 – User Interface Changes

The brand new iOS 7 is about to release (18th Sep) and are some major User Interface changes. In fact,  Engineers at Apple completely re-did the user interface. The new UI is clean, simple yet amazingly efficient. The animations are subtle yet intuitive. The use of translucency gives user the sense of the context. New Continue Reading »

Android UX – Navigation Pattern – Home Screen Navigation

Slider Drawer Pattern In this pattern, small handle or hook is provided on the screen to let the user open. User uses the handle to open a screen. This screen here is the Home Screen that carries navigations points to other places / functionalities in the app. Example – In the screens above, there is a Continue Reading »

Android UX – Data selection pattern – Choose Data from a List

Sliding Effect (Parent partially visible) In this example, operator has to be selected. User taps on the field and the screen moves  / slides to the left to give space to show the list.      Good points: – Parent screen is visible. Very good from UX perspective that user still knows the context where it Continue Reading »

Mobile Experience Officer (MEO) at InnovationM

In this world of “quick app” development, the importance of ‘user experience design’ is undermined. Mobile solutions are all about experiences, and we design experiences at InnovationM.  Anybody can create a set of screens on mobile (there is an SDK available!) but when that app goes in the hand of the user, is it simple, intuitive and pleasing enough for the user Continue Reading »

Handle Android Fragmentation while developing Apps (Role of UI Designer)

Fragmentation in Android can be broadly attributed to following 4 factors: Android OS Versions Devices with different densities (ppi) Devices with different form factors / screen sizes Customization done by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)   Developing applications is a team work and there are key roles that help in containing fragmentation while developing apps. These Continue Reading »